Getting published


I am now the proud owner of a postcard. A postcard with a date on it, which is only 22 days away, when the world at large gets to read my book. So far, I have been amazed and delighted by the comments people have made.

Today’s task is to go and persuade my local bookshop to put one of these in their window…


Getting published

Cover story, part one…

Let’s start with an old favourite – a picture is worth a thousand words. Like many clichés, it’s only true in certain circumstances. In the case of a book cover, it’s worth about 95,000 words because the cover will be a major determinant of whether the book is even picked up, before any words are read.

When you’re neck-deep in trying to sell your book, thinking about a cover seems like a waste of effort because it might never be needed. Then suddenly you get your break and designing the cover is one of the tasks that makes the whole experience real.

As it happens, I did have a clear idea of what I wanted, because I describe one particular image in the book (don’t worry, no spoilers here). Unfortunately, this would have been too complicated to produce. So, we tried some other ideas and I wanted to share the ideas we went through before we got to the final version.

Here’s the first:

Cover 1

While an abandoned warehouse does feature, there isn’t anything about the sky melting, so we decided this wasn’t right. More soon…


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Putting the world to rights

Today, I met my girlfriends for lunch. We all used to work together (more years ago than we care to remember) . Now, we’ve all gone our separate ways but we try to meet up around quarterly to catch up, which means chatting for around four solid hours with lashings of cheap rosé. Over the years, I’ve talked (a lot) about my writing and they’ve been kind enough to ask about how progress was going each time they saw me and to say positive things in the face of rejection and the other obstacles facing writers.

These people aren’t writers. I don’t discuss plot points or Oxford commas* with them. No, we talk about life in general and laugh like drains. And it struck me today that one thing a writer really needs is a support network of people who can remind you that life is fun. Writing can be a very solitary pursuit but given that the focus of most writing is human interactions, sometimes you need to step away from the keyboard and talk to people.

* I’m allergic to Oxford commas.


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It’s happened…

Yes, it’s happened. On World Book Day, Impress Books announced that they would be publishing my novel, He’s Gone’. It’s been three years since I first put finger to keyboard, nearly two years since typing ‘the end’ at the bottom of the first draft. A lot of people have helped me get here, from reading the drafts; giving encouragement or buying me wine at appropriate moments. I’m reading the final proofs of the book and I’m very, very happy…