No discrimination welcome – an ally’s view on Pride…

It’s Pride month.

Why am I writing about it? It’s not my fight – I’m straight, cis and, amongst other privileges, have never suffered outright discrimination on the basis of my gender. It’s very simple. When I looked around my working world, my social world, I saw people coming in a range of shapes, colours, sizes and flavours. When I created the world for my book, I created a world that reflected this diversity. Yes, I deliberately created conflict not to be politically correct but to show how the assumptions we can all make can be way off the mark when applied to others.

I support Pride because I can think of nothing worse than being told to suppress an aspect of yourself. Where people are allowed to be themselves, we all win and our society as a whole benefits. Unfortunately, those benefits are intangible and, as we have seen in some shocking reversals of legislation and threats, rights won are not always kept.

And that is one area where all of us should use the weight we have to influence. To fight for others’ rights does not erode your own. We have seen the initial screaming hysteria when any equalisation of legislation is proposed become more muted in relation to some aspects of sexuality (though shocking incidents remind us that prejudice is still very much alive). We still have fights for trans rights and, overall, a huge campaign of education and familiarisatiowe to make the whole issue something so ho-hum that we wondered why we ever got excited.

beautiful-rainbow-flagI’m proud to be an ally and wish everyone a safe Pride.


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