This blogging lark is harder than it looks…

Keep an author blog, they said. It’ll be good for your profile, they said. Well, so sorry I have left you all hanging for so long.


Cable car in mountains – hanging, geddit?

I have no excuse other than (at risk of whining) they didn’t say keeping a blog would be so hard. I am constantly in awe of people who manage to produce regular (in some cases, daily) posts full of book reviews, writing tips and insightful observations. I’d love to say that I have lots of observations and don’t share them but the truth is, the majority of the time, my head is so full of the normal transactions of being an adult that there are no room for grand thoughts.What I do feel is a simple delight though about how She’s Fallen has been received and particularly the comments in reviews asking for more. Again, for those who leave reviews, thank you, you make this author’s life feel more meaningful by knowing that I’ve brought someone pleasure. And that makes everything worthwhile…