Where did the last month go?

And they say bank holidays are bad for productivity – ha! With the rain falling steadily (and likely to continue to do so for the rest of Easter) I am now getting done all the tasks I have not got around to doing in March. One of them is updating this blog. My excuse is that it has been a busy month, filled with good things.

First was the the joy of having two books in the wild when She’s Fallen hit the streets on the first of March. Then, on a snowy weekend, it was meeting other authors at the Essex Authors Day. The really exciting things was that, for the first time, I was on the other side of the table. In my journey to publication, I have been to so many talks by authors, publishers, agents and all: it was incredible to be the one giving the talk. And it was a great day – my favourite bit was the questions and answers, so much enthusiasm. I really hoped I helped and, at least in a small way, began the payback for all the help I’ve received on the way to publication.

Then there was a signing. Not knowing what to expect, I just resolved to enjoy it all. And really, what was there not to like? I got to spend time in a bookshop and chat to lots of people, including a couple of passing policemen. It’s hard to think of a better way to spend time.


The reviews are also coming in and I’ve been delighted with them. Some have even been asking when Robyn will be back…



It lives…

*sound of champagne cork popping* My second book, She’s Fallen, launches today!


Given it is only 10 am in the morning, I should probably put the cork back in the bottle – oh, it won’t go, shame…


It is also World Book Day, which seems to grow every year. I hope kids can get to school tomorrow to show off their fancy dress, given the snow in some places but the irony is that, if you are stuck at home in bad weather, a book is one of the best things you could have.


And, given it is now out, dare I suggest you try mine? It’s called She’s Fallen and can be bought at all good bookshops – though is there really such a thing as a bad bookshop?