The end. Again…

I’ve had a wonderful break. I have written some non-fiction articles, taken lots (and lots) of photographs and done a lot of constructive nothing (partly as this time coincided with a particularly busy period in the day job).

One thing that has been a joy over the last few weeks is a number of friends have had successes. The joy of writing is that it’s never a zero-sum – she wins, so I lose. If you have a group all striving to the same goal, their joys become yours and worthy of a party.


All this has successfully distracted me from doing any work on my own book. But now, it is time to (metaphorically) crack my knuckles, top up the coffee and get back to editing book 2. I have a fresh file of comments from my editor and I must dive in. The good thing in, I’m looking forward to it. Partly because getting someone else’s views on your book is always a precious resource. Things you thought were crystal clear are clearly not and there is the odd case of a tactful ‘are you sure the character would do this?’, which of course translates as ARE YOU MAD?







Empty to depot…

Is a good description of my head at the moment. On 20 May, I submitted the second DI Robyn Bailley to my publisher. And with one bound, she was free, to paraphrase Dick Barton…


It is an odd sensation, when something you have been living with, nurturing, cursing for 14 months is suddenly not there any more. I was able to do radical things like take a lot of photographs, taking advantage both of the additional time and the better weather. (NB anybody who’s thinking, now why does that sound familiar, you can give yourself a gold star. Yes, I gave my character my own hobby – it means I stand a chance of knowing what I’m talking about for at least part of the time.)

Probably the biggest single pleasure is to be able to read books in the way I like to read, being able to take a solid hour and immerse myself in another world. For around 15 years, I read almost no fiction because I was building my career and either studying, reading text books, or looking at industry blurb. I’m going to be using this time before my book comes back to read because I found when I started reading, my writing improved. When my book comes back, it will no doubt need a good wash and brush up, so to be able to see it with fresh eyes, I’m going to fill my head with as many other worlds as I can beforehand…