Another pair of eyes…

My excuse for the distinct lack of blog posts recently has been sheer laziness being very busy finishing the third draft of my second novel ready to go to beta readers. All of a sudden, the text goes from being something I can kick around to something that has to pass muster with other eyes. All sorts of questions pop up:

– the scene based on the new bit of back-story that came to me in a flash of inspiration one evening: will it make an iota of sense to anyone else?

– am I repeating too much of book 1? Or will it make no sense unless you’ve read the first one?

As with most things, the answer will come soon enough. And one of the most interesting things about getting other views is that they are likely to be different. For everyone who thinks there is too much exposition, there will be someone who wants more detail. And the best thing is, they are all right because the joy of reading is that it is so subjective and we all take different things from books (and even from the same book on a second read).

So, for the next couple of weeks, I will be writing a play and a couple of non-fiction articles, to clear my head so that when the comments come back from the wonderful people who have offered their time to help me, I will be another pair of eyes too..